Cuartos: 10
Desde: 11,200.00

Del Valle
Cuartos: 8
Desde: 12,800.00

Roma North
Cuartos: 5
Desde: $12,050

An ideal option for those seeking privacy, with a balcony that when the gate is opened becomes an extension of the spacious kitchen-dining room.

Roma North
Cuartos: 6
Desde: $12,050

This house with Kintsugi architecture was remodelled by rescuing original materials to create a communal space with excellent lighting.

Roma North
Cuartos: 8
Desde: $13,950

Spacious porfirian house in Roma Norte with a kitchen perfect for sharing and a coworking area for the network of houses.

Cuartos: 12
Desde: $15,750

This house in Polanco is full of colour and suitable for community living. Chat in the coffee room, organise a home cinema club or have a barbecue on the terrace.

Cuartos: 10
Desde: $13,950

Esta casa es un espacio que celebra la vida en comunidad. Disfruta del jardín social en la entrada, convive rodeado de luz y plantas en el comedor con solarium diseñado para disfrutar en comunidad.

Roma North
Cuartos: 3
Desde: $13,950

A house with an interior balcony ideal for a barbecue and a communal space with excellent lighting.

Roma North
Cuartos: 7
Desde: $13,650

Adaptation of 3 flats with shared kitchen-dining room on the intermediate level, 2 living rooms on levels 1 and 3. It also has a roof garden ideal for meetings.

Zona tec
Cuartos: 9
Desde: Próximamente

Próximamente la comunidad Covive llegará a la ciudad de Monterrey, Nuevo León con Casa Curie y tú puedes formar parte de esta nueva comunidad, que contará con 2 casas con vista al cerro de la silla.

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In the evening I can go out on the terrace to read and it makes me feel very happy. On top of that, at Covive I've been able to meet many people I wouldn't meet anywhere else.


United States 🇺
Thanks for the good time I had in Amatlán and for always being quick in responding!


Agradezco vuestra ayuda y atención. Por fomentar una convivencia tan sana y estrecha entre la Comunidad. Os deseo de nuevo lo mejor, y reitero mi intención de regresar algún día. ¡Un mes sabe a poco!.


Spain 🇪
Team was very responsive. Rooms are great. No complaints. Thanks. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Canadá 🇨🇦
Thanks for everything, it was a great place to stay and I loved having a “family” the second I moved in. Hopefully I will be back here or one of the other houses soon. Let me know when you have a house on the beach.

Evan Suposs

United States 🇺
Thank you because I found it a good experience to be in covive and I think all the staff has a very good vibe!

Mariana Velasquez

Colombia 🇨
I loved the ambiance, the house is amazing, I would like to come back.

Rafael Yari Cabanillas Gonzalez

Mexico 🇲🇽🇽
Me he sentido como en casa, como en familia. El Equipo nos ha apoyado en todo, pero sobre todo, nos ha dado mucho calor y cariño… y eso no tiene precio. Los extrañaré mucho y haré todo lo posible por volver.

Ingrid Durán Rey

Brazil 🇧🇷🇷
Everything is perfect. I would love to return to Covive when I am back in CDMX.

Kwan Hong

Malasyia 🇲
I loved Covive. Thank you for your support and for always making me feel at home.


Puerto Rico 🇷
That's the best community for newcomers in Mexico to meet amazing people:) thank you for creating this environment


Russia 🇷🇺🇺
Very comfortable everything! the location is very nice and the house too!


Argentina 🇦🇷