Tech Zone
Quarters: 18
From: $12,950.00

Casa Curie in Monterrey is the perfect space for community living. Fully designed and furnished for conviviality.

Del Valle
Quarters: 8
From: Coming soon

Casa del Valle Norte is about to open its doors to a new community. Be among the first on our waiting list.

Quarters: 10
From: 11,200.00

Located in the south of Mexico City, very close to Coyoacán. It has very large spaces designed for indoor and outdoor living.

Quarters: 12
From: $15,750

House in Polanco full of color, suitable to enjoy in community, has a coffee room, reading room, dynamic room and terrace ideal for living.

Quarters: 10
From: $13,950

House in Condesa that celebrates community life. Enjoy its social garden, live together in the dining room ideal for sharing, surrounded by plants and light.

Roma North
Quarters: 8
From: $13,950

Remodeled Porfirian house in Roma Norte. It has a kitchen ideal for sharing, coworking and a terrace ideal for community brunches.

Roma North
Quarters: 6
From: $12,050

House in Roma Norte that joins two shared spaces with good lighting. On one side a kitchen-dining room, on the other a living room and a work table.

Roma North
Quarters: 7
From: $13,650

Three apartments adapted for the community, with a shared kitchen on the middle level, living rooms on levels 1 and 3 and a beautiful terrace.

Roma North
Quarters: 5
From: $12,050

Remodeled under the Kintsugi concept, it gathers privacy and community in the same space, with a balcony extending the shared area.

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I have been very happy wtij my stay at Covive. I have made very dear and life-long friends, and realized how much I value living in community.

Melissa Ann

California 🇺🇸
The whole experience with the customer service team has been amazing! I will definitely be back


London 🇬🇧
Thank you very much for everything! We had an amazing time in Amatlan. Keep the good job


Mexico 🇲🇽
A really great place, in which I met people whom I appreciate very much, not only roomates but also the staff in charge of Covive, always very kind and attentive, seriously thank you very much for everything.

Juan Camilo

Colombia 🇨
The house Rio de Janeiro has a great vibe with nice furniture and plants and feels like a home


Austria 🇦🇹
My whole experience with you guys was amazing. I love that house, I love the roomies, I thank each one of you for such a good vibe and always trying to do the best you can. Merci!


France 🇫🇷
I loved my time at Casa Amatlan. The best thing I take away with me is meeting great people and making friends, getting to know the Mexican culture together and sharing great moments. I hope I can come back!

Sofia Idoate

Spain 🇪
The stay here has been and continues to be wonderful. I love my colleagues, the facilities and the good vibes!

Diego Fernandez

Spain 🇪
In the evening I can go out to read on the terrace and it makes me feel very happy. On top of that, at Covive I have been able to meet many people I wouldn't meet anywhere else.


United States 🇺
Thanks for the good time I had in Amatlán and for always being quick in responding!


Thank you for your help and attention. For fostering such a healthy and close coexistence among the Community. I wish you all the best again, and I reiterate my intention to come back someday. One month is not enough!


Spain 🇪
Team was very responsive. Rooms are great. No complaints. Thanks. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Canada 🇨🇦