Zone tec
Rooms: 18
Desde: $12,950/mesDesde: $12,950

Casa Curie in Monterrey is the perfect space for community living. Fully designed and furnished for conviviality.

Del Valle Norte
Rooms: 12
Desde: $15,950/mesDesde: $15,950

The Casa del Valle Norte is about to open its doors (October 2023) to a new community. Be among the first on our waiting list.

Rooms: 10
Desde: 11,200.00/mesDesde: 11,200.00

Located in the south of Mexico City, very close to Coyoacán. It has very large spaces designed for living.

Rooms: 12
Desde: $15,750/mesDesde: $15,750

House in Polanco full of color, suitable to enjoy in community, has a coffee room, reading room, dynamic room and terrace ideal for living.

Rooms: 10
Desde: $13,950/mesDesde: $13,950

House in Condesa that celebrates community life. Enjoy its social garden, live together in the dining room ideal for sharing, surrounded by plants and light.

Roma Norte
Rooms: 8
Desde: $13,950/mesDesde: $13,950

Casa Porfiriana Renovated, at Roma Norte. It has a kitchen ideal for sharing, coworking and a terrace ideal for community brunches.

Roma Norte
Rooms: 6
Desde: $12,350/mesDesde: $12,350

House in Roma Norte that joins two shared spaces with good lighting. On one side a kitchen-dining room, on the other a living room and a work table.

Roma Norte
Rooms: 7
Desde: $13,650/mesDesde: $13,650

Three apartments adapted for the community, with a shared kitchen on the middle level, living rooms on levels 1 and 3 and a beautiful terrace.

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It was great fun and the service of Covive was exceptional. Fast responses to our requests and a clean house


Germany 🇩🇪
Son lo máximo muchas gracias, me hicieron sentir en casa


Mexico 🇲🇽
I spent a month and a half in Covive and I don't want to leave! It was a very pleasant experience, the house was beautiful and very good coexistence with the roomies! Totally recommended :)

Teresita G.

Mexico 🇲🇽
I want to thank the entire community of Covive. The comfort of the facilities was incredible. The nicest thing was when people started to arrive and a super nice community was generated. I really took advantage of the different offices in the house to work, the terrace was so beautiful! Thank you Covive I will surely come back to visit a house in CDMX 🏡💖.


Argentina 🇦🇷
My experience in Casa Curie was unique and incredible, I met many people from other countries. The house was very comfortable and its areas were also very good to rest, the house was amazing. The people who were in charge of assisting us with doubts or any help/emergency were always attentive and answered instantly. It was an experience that I will always remember 💖.


Mexico 🇲🇽
I came for 1 or 2 months and ended up staying 10 that says it all!!! They were my home and the best place I could have come to in CDMX. I made friends for life in the Casa and loved being part of this Community 💖.


Portugal 🇵🇹