Casa Jardin Velarde 8

Roma Norte, Mexico City





For Rent Room Casa Roma Norte Coworking Velarde
Rent Room at Casa Velarde Roma Norte
Rent Room Casa Roma Room
House 8 is in a housing unit that was Renovated rescuing original materials under the concept of Kintsugi. House 8 offers privacy but has a kitchen-dining room that invites you to live together.

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Dining room
24/7 surveillance

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Good times and great memories I take with me from Covive. Very good attention, good location and nice facilities.


Colombia 🇨
The spaces at Covive are very well distributed, the people are super warm and my roomies are the best.... are very well organized at the administrative level and that helps a lot.



About the community

The Casa Velarde community is very particular, most of the Covivers in this community are digital nomads who like to work remotely in the surroundings of Colonia Roma. The time they spend in the community is used for cooking and sharing in the living room, which is the coziest place. The community has the facility to use any shared area of the 3 houses, which makes it easy for the communities to integrate and coincide.

Roma Norte

Few areas of the city offer such a diverse and cosmopolitan urban lifestyle as Roma Norte. Gastronomy from all over the world, signature coffee shops, art, nightlife and live music for all tastes and styles, are some of the reasons why people who come to live in this neighborhood would not trade it for anything.

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