Vegetation Coliving Monterrey: A Natural Oasis at Covive Casa Curie

Vegetation project in Coliving Monterrey at Covive Casa Curie
At Covive Casa Curie, the Coliving Monterrey blends perfectly with the surrounding vegetation to create a unique and welcoming space. Adriana Martínez de la Garza has designed and executed a landscaping project that seeks to establish a balance with the environment and provide a space for food and rest for pollinating species, such as butterflies and hummingbirds. With a vision focused on simplicity and harmony, this project seeks to reduce the environmental impact and improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of Covive Casa Curie.
Monterrey's Climatic Context and Unique Vegetation
Monterrey is characterized by an extreme climate, with cold winters and very hot summers. Four types of ecosystems converge in this region: the Xerophytic Scrubland, the Mezquital Scrubland, the Submontane Scrubland and the Pine-Oak Forest. These ecosystems generate an exchange and movement of flora and fauna. This creates an environment rich in biodiversity in a relatively small region.
The landscape design at Covive Casa Curie is based on a study of the site and its unique conditions. To determine which spaces would be ideal for vegetation, light measurements were taken in each area. These measurements allowed us to design different plant palettes to suit the specific conditions of each space.
Vegetable Pallets: Harmony with the Environment
At Covive Casa Curie, three plant palettes have been proposed that integrate perfectly with the project and its location in Monterrey:
  • N1 - Social area: This palette is based on the use of plants that provide shade and freshness. These areas become ideal spaces for rest and relaxation of the inhabitants.
  • N2 - Social area: Similar to the previous palette, this one focuses on providing shade and freshness in the common areas.
  • N3 - Social Terrace: A sunny garden has been specially designed to attract pollinators and local birds. This area becomes a resting island for these species and contributes to the preservation of biodiversity.
Benefits of Vegetation at Covive Casa Curie
The carefully selected plant palette at Covive Casa Curie brings numerous benefits to both the inhabitants and the environment. Some of these benefits include:


Improved quality of life

The presence of vegetation in the indoor and outdoor spaces of Covive Casa Curie creates a fresher, more relaxing and healthier environment. The vegetation acts as a natural filter, improving air quality and providing a sense of well-being.

Biodiversity promotion

Plant palettes designed to attract local pollinators and birds contribute to the preservation of biodiversity in Monterrey. These species play a crucial role in the pollination of plants and in the balance of the ecosystem.

Climate regulation

The vegetation at Covive Casa Curie helps regulate the temperature on the terrace. It creates natural shadows that provide relief during hot Monterrey days. In addition, the shaded areas and sunny gardens contribute to maintaining a balanced microclimate within the coliving.

Integration with the environment

The plant palettes are based on regional species that are adapted to Monterrey's unique conditions. This allows the vegetation to blend naturally into the surroundings, creating a harmonious and coherent landscape.

Sustainability and low maintenance

The design of the plant palette focuses on durability and the use of low-maintenance, adaptive plants. In addition, good substrate practices are implemented and aeration materials are used to avoid pests and diseases common to houseplants.

In short, the vegetation at Covive Casa Curie not only beautifies the space, but also provides multiple benefits for both the inhabitants and the environment. Through integration with Monterrey's surroundings and a focus on sustainability, Covive Casa Curie becomes an oasis of tranquility and well-being in the middle of the city.
Are you ready to enjoy life in an environment surrounded by greenery at Covive Casa Curie? Come and discover how Coliving Monterrey merges with nature! To give you a unique experience in harmony with the environment.

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