Top 5 Speakeasy Bars in CDMX: Hidden Experiences to Discover

Speakeasy Bars Mexico City
Discover the speakeasy bars in CDMX recommended by Covive! On this occasion, Karla (Operations Manager) reveals the five best secret places to enjoy an unforgettable night in Mexico City. Are you ready to enter a universe of surprises and charm? Join me on this tour!
Xaman Bar
Immerse yourself in mysticism in this fascinating place located at Copenhagen 6, Colonia Juárez. Not only is its location an enigma, but it will also transport you to the unknown world of shamanism and pre-Hispanic herbalism. Let yourself be carried away by its perfumed and exotic cocktails, and experience a night full of magic and enchantment. In addition, on each visit you will be surprised by a different DJ, ensuring that each night is unique.
This elegant "public restroom" is actually a spectacular speakeasy that will transport you to a luxury hotel. Upon entering, you will be greeted by an elevator that will take you directly to one of the best bars in the city - book in advance, as space is limited and very crowded! Discover this treasure at Av. Oaxaca 90, Roma Norte.
Because not all the magic happens in Roma, head to Masaryk 393 in Polanco, where you will find a laundromat that transforms into an exclusive nightclub. Inspired by New York clubs, Vanderbilt will provide you with a sophisticated and exclusive atmosphere that will transport you to the Big Apple. Don't miss this unique experience!
Hand Shake Speakeasy
If you are a lover of the vintage and glamorous essence of the 20's, this place is a must visit. Its golden age influence is reflected in every detail, and its mixology is impeccable. Get your access by booking through their Instagram account (@handshake_bar) and live an unforgettable experience. Find it at Amberes 65, Colonia Juárez.
Jules Basament
The last jewel of this collection is hidden behind the facade of an ordinary restaurant in Julio Verne 93, colonia Polanco. Follow the signs and enter this surprising and mysterious bar. As you descend the stairs, you will find a modernist gothic design that, depending on the night, will bring you jazz sessions or DJ sets. Discover this hidden treasure!
Don't let the magic go unnoticed. Share these secrets with your friends and help them discover a unique facet of CDMX at night, sharing is being a good friend!
These speakeasy bars in CDMX are true hidden treasures that will provide you with out-of-the-ordinary experiences. Each one of them has its own personality and charm, and they are the perfect place to get out of your comfort zone and immerse yourself in a fascinating atmosphere. Now that you know the best secrets of the city, it's time for you to become the bearer of this valuable information.

Frequently Asked Questions
Below, I'll answer some questions you may have about CDMX speakeasy bars:
1. What is a speakeasy bar?
A speakeasy bar is a speakeasy that emerged during the Prohibition era in the United States. These bars operated in secret, and patrons had to whisper a password or signal to gain access. Today, speakeasy bars recreate that speakeasy atmosphere and offer a unique and exclusive experience.
2. How can I find access to these bars?
Each of these bars has its own forms of access. Some disclose information through their social networks, while others require a previous reservation. It is important to be attentive to their communication channels to discover the details of each event and secure your admission.
3. What is the location of these bars?
The speakeasy bars mentioned above are located in different neighborhoods of Mexico City. From Colonia Juarez to Roma Norte and Polanco, each place has its own charm and ambiance. Follow the directions and addresses provided to enjoy these unique experiences.
CDMX's speakeasy bars are a true hidden gem in the city's nightlife. From the mysticism of Xaman Bar to the sophistication of Mainroom, each place will transport you to a bygone era full of charm and mystery. Don't miss the opportunity to live these unique experiences and share the secret with your friends so they can also enjoy CDMX at night.
Remember to book in advance and be aware of the indications and details provided by each bar. Immerse yourself in the world of CDMX's speakeasy bars and experience a night full of surprises and charm!

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