Covive at the 5th edition of the Contemporary Collective Housing Laboratory (VICOCO)


At Covive we are interested in continuing to grow and learn, which is why the design team of Covive was part of the 5th edition of the Contemporary Collective Housing Laboratory (VICOCO), taught by Master Architect Graziano Brau Pani and Master Architect Álvaro Beruben, at the School of Architecture (ESARQ). This laboratory focuses on creating awareness and providing tools for the development of the architecture that we really need in our society.

Contemporary housing must be collective and must create a city. This housing must also respond to the needs of current coexistence units in a dignified manner and provide autonomy and opportunities for people. 

For this it is necessary to understand the context in which the housing is located and it is not only important that it is accessible and dignified, it must also contribute to the city by providing, on the first floor, spaces that enrich the city (services / facilities / etc.). It is also important to understand that densifying city centers and neighborhoods in a correct and moderate way is the best alternative to generate sustainable housing, since people will have access to public transportation services and most of their daily trips will be within a radius of 500 m. In this way, people will have greater autonomy and more time to develop in the personal, reproductive and representative spheres. 

For this reason, at Covive we focus on providing collective housing for different needs within downtown neighborhoods that have all the facilities, services and public transportation so that people can live with all the opportunities and can develop in all spheres.

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