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Many know me as Cha, some others like Mandrake but here in Covive everyone tells me David. As an Architect I take charge of the area of SPACES where we do from architectural design (coliving), supervision of work, coordination with Interior designers to the opening of the new houses. In addition, I take care of keeping our homes in the best possible condition together with our "Handy Men" in each of our houses.


Mexico City for me is a very but very vibrant place with delicious, fun, stressful, very diverse and sometimes dangerous food (if you wish). Every day you live the city is a blown road, whether you move by private car by public transport or by bike. You never know what awaits you on your day-to-day journey because of the weather, traffic or the bizarre experiences that public transport and its users offer. Whenever I move for it I am invaded by a sense of emotion and wonder as I always observe new things in my transfer to the destination I addressed that day. From uninhabited forests where you're just going to exercise or have a quesadilla, to bars where you only enter with a "secret" key can be part of your day in this great basin.


The best way to get to know the city is through walking it (walking iconic historical spaces, its architecture and attending music and artistic festivals), to pedal it (since you will reach little-visited wooded places that you never imagined), try it (its gastronomic offer is so but so rich that you will lack time to try all those taquitos that all your acquaintances recommend). One must be open to experiences and go to perhaps distant places where one does not feel comfortable (even) to really know the city at all its socioeconomic and cultural levels. Each town has its peculiarities, but definitely the historic center gathers the best of the best in a few blocks.


South zone

  1. CCU University Cultural Center. It brings together unique spaces (such as sculptural space, theaters and museums) allows you to develop outdoor activities (such as reading, walking surrounded by green areas and cycling training). You will also find architecture and emblematic spaces such as the MUAC and the University Olympic Stadium, as well as good lunches in the Blue and Gold.

How to get there: MB University Cultural Center Station.

  • Coffee The Forgotten. This small café is located on the iconic Presidente Carranza street in the #267 in front of one of the many parks in the area known as Parque Santa Catarina. The menu is inspired by traditional English peasant cuisine. If you go in the morning I would recommend breakfast in package "Veggie Benedict", for the food the lentil salad and the pulled Pork sandwich. If it's just in passing, order your favorite coffee and pair it with a slice of lemon tart and enjoy it in the old movie chair on the sidewalk. How to get there: Outside the MA metro. De Quevedo take a truck in the direction of Taxqueña and get off 2 blocks after La Comer Coyoacan in Pino Street; walk on that street until you find The Santa Catarina Park.
  • Chamorros de Coyoacán. Located on Madrid Street at 29, Col. Del Carmen has been located this neighborhood restaurant for more than 60 years offering a growing menu of homemade Mexican cuisine. You'll feel like you're in your grandmother's dining room. Meatballs, beans, dried noodles, chamorro and handmade tortillas are one of the best things this place has. Occasionally (the owners) who also cater to diners offer mezcal of the house. Regular customers are usually neighbors from many years ago and/or locals and their prices are very affordable.

How to get there: take Cuauhtémoc Avenue at any height until you cross Churubusco where it becomes Centennial, and over Centenario turn right on the first block on the right side and look over the street number 29.

Lagunilla Zone

  • Pozole de Moctezuma. Located in the Col. Guerrero at 12 Moctezuma Street is one of those ones that one knows by recommendation or voice in voice (since because of the fame of the area it is not so usual that one walks along those directions if one does not live around). Without any advertisement to the outside and within a neighborhood is this gem of a Mexican restaurant specializing in Guerrero-style pozole. Its offer is somewhat limited, but with a green pozole prepared in the style of the house (includes sardine and mezcal) and its chorizo tacos will be more than enough to enjoy a good meal. Affordable prices.

How to get there: It is 2 min walk south of Garibaldi/Lagunilla Metro Station and MB Garibaldi Station.

Morelos/Tepito Zone

  • Enchiladas La Géera. 5 blocks from the famous Maracana Sports In the heart of Tepito, there is another of those mini neighborhood venues that if it is not by recommendation one would never know of them. This place in the street of Talabarteros #7 has already subsisted for more than 70 years as an impromptu restaurant also within a neighborhood in the Morelos as this colony is commonly known. It is while you listen to the family problems and screams of the owner, that you can enjoy some mole enchiladas or chicken broth with a homemade and incomparable flavor. The characteristic dish of the place are the black mole enchilada cakes and are only open on weekends and only has 3 tables. Super affordable prices.

How to get there: the nearest metro is Metro Canal del Norte 10 min. I recommend getting a car.

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