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About us

Covive is a service of stays in shared houses that offers private rooms, previously furnished, with all services included, personalized attention and access to shared areas (kitchen, dining room, room, laundry center, etc.) designed to promote coexistence among the inhabitants.

Acerca de nosotros - Covive


We want to change the model of urban life to a more sustainable and enjoyable one.

What do we do?

Simplify, through design, the process of sharing spaces, experience and resources.

What do we offer?

A service of stays in a network of houses designed to share is to live more with less, where a diverse group of people can live in harmony.

Our Values


Manifesto Covive

We think we’re better when we share. That’s why we want to celebrate the human essence of sharing spaces, resources and experiences. Because it’s the way to have a better urban life for everyone.

We believe that cities are in crisis because they favor individualized consumption. The parameter of success revolves around the individual: having a private car, living in a house as private as possible and accumulating own objects for personal use.

But it hasn’t always been like that.

The agglomeration of individuals arises from the convenience of sharing things.

Families share a roof. Tribes share responsibilities. Cities build infrastructure for the peers and different. They all share stories, symbols and rituals. Regaining that human essence of sharing is not about nostalgia.

The world is in a state of climate emergency and it is our responsibility to consume scarce resources more efficiently. There is no better strategy to generate less emissions and less waste to consume less.

This doesn’t mean sacrificing things.

Sharing allows us to have more, with less consumption. That is why our purpose is to change the model of urban life to a more sustainable and enjoyable one.

It’s recognizing the climate emergency. Act out of necessity and urgency. But it is also to celebrate the human essence of sharing and regaining harmony with our environment.

We want to make sharing spaces, resources and experiences more comfortable and enjoyable. Between equals and different, Starting from where we live.

To make sharing a house for pleasure and not out of necessity.

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