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Preguntas Frecuentes Covive

Before we start

In General Terms, Coliving is any shared living space that improves the quality of life for its residents. At Covive we believe that a balance can be found between the privacy of a room and coexistence within shared areas. In this way, you can enjoy a community when you want. 

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Your monthly contribution includes:

  • Space rent
  • Furnished spaces including your private room and the rest of the house.
  • All services (Internet, gas, water, electricity and drinking water)
  • Cleaning twice a week
  • Maintenance, surveillance and concierge service

In other words, you arrive with your suitcase and everything is ready to use!

We try to be as flexible as possible and avoid bureaucracy as much as possible; avoiding topics like an endorsement. 

However, we ask our inhabitants for the bare minimum:

  • Copy of official identification.
  • Personal and professional references.
  • One month deposit payment (equivalent to one monthly payment)
  • First monthly payment

The minimum term of your stay is 1 month. The contract we signed does not have a mandatory term. 

You only have to give 30 days notice of your departure. The base price is for stays of 12 months. For stays between 6 and 11 months the monthly payment increases 5%; between 1 and 2 months, it increaes 15%; between 3 and 5 months, it increases 10%

Of course! We only ask you to make a deposit propotional to your rent so that we know you are serious. With this, you can choose the date on which you will enter Covive and your stay will start to run from there. 

About the Houses

Each location is different, and maintains a unique historical identity that is felt. However, all the spaces are carefully designed and furnished according to a minimalist aesthetic that fuses the Mexican with the cosmopolitan.

Of course! You are free to define your stay to your comfort. 

We would simply collect the initial deposit fee difference. 

In other words, if you had received a discount for a 6-month stay and you stay for 2 months, we would charge you according to the 2-month rate.

Yes! We simply ask for an extra contribution of 1,500 mxn/month to contribute to the payment of services. At the moment, we only accept couples in rooms with private bathrooms to avoid saturation of the shared bathrooms with other inhabitants. 

Yes! You can bring your belongings without problem. Remember that the rooms already have a white double bed and a night stand with a lamp to facilitate your arrival. For stays of more than 6 months, we offer a discount of $1,451.00 mxn/month in case you prefer an unfurnished room.

You can also complement current furniture with what you need to feel at home.

Of couse! We understand that your needs may change from one moment to the next. You can change from your room to another without problem. We will simply update the corresponding rate if neccesary.


There is no age limit at Covive. We like that all ages are represented because we believe that the interaction of different profiles generates value for all the inhabitants of the house. 

Covive is an inclusive environment for all profiles. We do not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, language, sexual preference, or religion. 

Of course, our community started thanks to people with an open mind and interests in living with other people.

We can offer you basic information about those who already live there, such as age, gender and occupation.

Although we will keep the rest of the details anonymous, out of respect for the privacy of our inhabitants, we want you to have enough information to make a good decision.

In general, we try to promote parties outside of our houses due to noise issues. Mexico City already has many options to live a spectacular night. However, it is allowed to have visits in the shared areas if a respectable volume is maintained after 11pm.

Of course! We love to bring together everyone who shares our passion for coliving and shared housing, regardless of whether they are our clients or not. That is why we created a facebook group to which we invite you to be part!

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