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Bags and backpacks or "backpacks" are some of the objects we use daily to store our belongings or when we go on a trip, it will depend on you if you decide to fill that backpack or carry lighter luggage to better enjoy the road. 

For Covive it is important that upon your departure you take with you the best memories of the community, making this moment unique and memorable, that is why at the departure of each of our residents, we give them a "Farewell Bag" to keep their belongings and take in it a series of memories represented by farewell messages and gifts from your housemates. 

How does it work?

  1. Días previos a tu salida te haremos llegar tu “Morralito de despedida” directo a tu casa, el cual encontrarás colgado en el Pizarrón Colaborativo con tu nombre escrito.
  2. We will send a message to your housemates to fill your Morralito with small gifts and/or write positive farewell messages on it with the help of a special pen.
  3. When the day of your departure arrives, you can pick up your little backpack full of beautiful messages and memories of the experiences you had at Covive. 

Now that you know how to use the "Farewell Purses", every time you find one in the house, don't forget to write a nice farewell message to your housemates or even give them a gift to wish them a good trip.

We hope that this little detail from Covive, will remind you in your next trips and adventures that Sharing is living +.

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