In the Covive community we like to share good places to go and this time we leave you 3 cafes where you can go for a delicious coffee in the morning or to chat and share.

Hule - Condesa
Michoacán 75
This coffee bar is also a vinyl store and has live jazz sessions.

You have to try their delicious quiches and artichoke dip.

The Covive community comments:
"New coffee shop 5 minutes from our house, very cool, good music and good coffee."
-Belen, Casa Amatlan

Ephemeral - Hipódromo Condesa
Campeche 429
Aguascalientes 206
IG: @efimerocafe

This high specialty coffee bar located in the heart of La Condesa has a wide variety of coffee extraction methods, entrepets and desserts, it is an ideal place to hang out with a good book or in good company.

The Covive community comments:
"This place has good coffee, good food and is very close."
-Zac, Casa Amatlan

Memories of a Barista - Roma Norte
Frontera 83
IG: @memoriasdeunbarista

Ideal place for coffee lovers, because besides having an incredible place where you can share a cup of coffee with different extraction methods, they also share their knowledge with courses about coffee culture, if your thing is to learn, you will love this place.

The Covive community comments:
"One block from casa Pushkin and they have very good coffee."
-Edouard, Casa Amatlan

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