The 10 C's of coexistence

10 cs of coexistence

In her book "Living and Sharing", Laura Rojas-Marcos, PhD in clinical and health psychology (NYU), reflects and analyzes interpersonal relationships in order to help identify the situations we may encounter when living with the people we choose to live with (friends or partner) as well as with those we do not choose (family, neighbors, co-workers, etc.).

She indicates that in order to have a positive coexistence we must take into account the so-called "10 C's" of which the most important is trust, since everything else derives from it, but let's see in detail what each one is about:

  • Trust: The fact that the people with whom we live awaken trust in us or that we are trustworthy people creates strong bonds among your community.
  • Commitment: Making the people who are part of our community feel that we take seriously the relationships we have with them and respect the agreements or promises we make, makes coexistence easier.
  • Communication: What we convey in how we address our community with both our spoken and body language greatly influences both emotions and how people think of both themselves and us.
  • Cordiality: A key to coexistence lies in being pleasant and polite people whether we share ideas with people or not. Let us always remember that the attitude we have towards the community will be returned to us by the community.
  • Consideration: We may not share the ideas of some members of the community but by being respectful and taking into account the context of each person we can create stronger ideas and bonds.
  • Contribution: Human beings being social beings we can come to find happiness in sharing with other people, that is why, at Covive we firmly believe that we must retake the human essence of sharing
  • Collaboration: Having an attitude of openness allows us to find people to whom we can contribute or strengthen ideas.
  • Coherence: We must live according to what we think and feel, this will help the community to perceive us as trustworthy people.
  • Consistency: Our stability and coherence is noticeable to the community, this can help us to build self-confidence, have clear objectives and help the community reach its maximum potential.
  • Care: What we take care of grows and becomes strong, following the 9C's above we can take care of our community to make it stronger every day.

Let us remember that just as the doctor makes these recommendations, we have our Coexistence Agreement, which are the golden rules of our community, with which we strengthen our bonds and build a stronger community every day.

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