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CAC Manos semilla

Title: Manos Semilla

Year: 2020

Artist: @vanessa_orteganazir

Material: Cut-outs and pigments mounted on mdf

A garden where hands are seeds and plants grow from them suspended in the air.
Hands have their own language, their own truth, in them we hide secrets.
Hands give us the taciturn caress, they are a symbol of union. In them is expressed the brotherly greeting and the reverence of life, manifesting love.

With them we create: hands are seeds, life in potential, desiring to grow towards the other, towards the strange, like plants looking for light, which in touch ceases to be unknown.

The hands, symbol of cosmic union, of pure language, of brotherhood, communion and life.

With our hands touching our hearts, we perceive everything that escapes our gaze, allowing us to bloom in a beautiful garden full of plants with strange, beautiful, abstract, diverse and sometimes incomprehensible forms, like humans themselves.

Plants represent the different that coexist harmoniously in the same space, a garden, a floating landscape, celebrating the same purpose: Life itself!

About the artist:
Vanessa Ortega is a Mexican artist who lives and works in Aculco, Mexico; some time ago she moved from the city to the countryside, she likes to wake up at dawn to draw with the sunrise and the birds singing. Her greatest inspiration is nature.


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