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I'm a startuper in my forties. I have a PhD in urban planning and a master's degree in public policy. The city is practical. I'm trying to be practical. I founded Covive because I missed living in Mexico, because I got tired of being an academic and because I am excited about the possibility of building a happier, more open and more inclusive city... even if it's one house shared at a time.

Twitter: @oneflores.

What is Mexico City to you?

Living in Mexico City is like taking water straight from the hose. Every corner is an explosion of jacarandas, every moment is to wish hunger back so that you can eat six times a day. Living this city is the same as visiting Bangkok, Barcelona and Buenos Aires on the same day. This city is magical: Its chaos is so tidy that everything broken down works. For those who catch the mode, Mexico City is to observe the filthy traffic from the comfort of the sidewalk.

What would be the best way to get to know Mexico City?

There's no better way than to go for a walk. As we slowly move forward we appreciate details, sounds, smells. If you get tired, get on the subway, grab some air and walk through a new neighborhood.

Top 5 recommendations in Mexico City

  1. Read this chronicle by Martín Caparrós about this "City Of Unsboached".
  2. Pick a couple of rare recipes and go to the San Juan Market to fill the ingredients. And, while there, he eats a couple of tuna toast in El Puerto de Alvarado, the place of the Villeda Brothers.
  3. Eat barbecue on Sunday morning. My favorite is Don Pompilio at the Chorrito Market. Arrive, order a consommé and three tacos, always with a tongue or rib.
  4. We have to go to wrestling. I know it's liars, but there are few things more kitsch and interesting. You also have to go to the Hanky Panky (shhhh!) and dance or watch Patrick Miller dance at least once. Google it.
  5. Someday go see the Passion of Christ of Iztapalapa. It doesn't matter that you're not religious. In fact, don't miss it if you're not religious.

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