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The famous millennials' generation has been distinguished by their purchasing and outlook decisions before life, and we could not feel more identified with some cases. For example, there is a clear tendency to buy functional products independent of their price, if we work we want it. We don't need to have many or store many things just want to have what we need for all our days.

In the case of housing this continues to operate, the trend marks that we look for furnished spaces ready to receive us, we do not want to waste time in furnishing or in looking for suppliers to make the improvements we want. We want to make the most of the time, we want to enter and be able to use the kitchen from day one and be able to connect to the internet from the first second. For these reasons, Coliving becomes attractive to this and other generations.

Past generations would have focused all their resources on acquiring a heritage because they wanted to settle down, start a family and stay there for many years or even for the rest of their lives. That no longer happens, beyond the situation of the real estate market and high prices due to overpopulation in the central areas, the lifestyle of the new generations has changed and they do not seek commitments, of this kind, in the long term.

Today we want to tell you about how our Casa Volcanes fits perfectly for this lifestyle, as long as you want or are looking to live near the santa Fe area or Forests of Las Lomas, otherwise we recommend any of our other locations.

Our Casa Volcanes is located minutes from the corporate area of Santa Fe, so living in it will reduce the transfer times you do every day, round trip. This is not only beneficial for the quality and the way you use your time. You will feel an improvement in the quality of your life huge, imagine living without that stress that causes traffic in Mexico City. Chances are you'll have a lot more time available that you can use to meditate, exercise, eat healthily, or just to rest properly.

Despite having a variety of great restaurants a few meters from your new home, you will want to cook most days at home because our pre-equipped kitchens have all the necessary utensils to make you look with the other inhabitants. In addition to having a steakhouse installed on the outside excellent to get the best recipes of cuts of meat or for you to practice some vegan charcoal burgers.

At Casa Volcanes you will be connected, as much as you want, with your work and with the city but incredibly you can also be as connected to nature as you want because our back door makes way for a glen to explore, breathe fresh air and even perform outdoor activities like meditation, reading or maybe just listen to the music you like in an environment of complete relaxation.

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