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Hello! My name is Tere, I'm 23 years old and a few months ago I finished my Psychology degree at UNAM. I am currently doing an internship at Covive. I am passionate about behavioral sciences, music, dance, cinema and tea.

What is Mexico City for you?

It is a monster, haha, not in a bad way, but it is gigantic. It is a space where multiple realities coexist and it is impressive to realize that you will never know it completely, to know that there are so many spaces where activities that we don't even think about, are happening. It's a marvel of cultural events, beautiful cafes, food and hidden places, music and events for all kinds.

What would be the best way to get to know Mexico City?

Walking or biking, definitely. 

The Condesa, the Roma, Polanco, Reforma, are areas that are accessible by bike (besides the fact that the companies that rent bikes in the CDMX, cover many of its streets). Undoubtedly, the city is full of spaces that whisper stories at every step, which is why taking a good map and getting a guide/chronist to tell us the stories of the neighborhoods or buildings is always a good option. Touring the buildings, listening to the music in the streets, eating a good pozole, esquite, papitas de carrito or churros rellenos.

Top 5 recommendations in Mexico City

  1. The CinemathequeIn response to my tastes, it is impossible for me to ignore it. It fascinates me, it is a public space, where you not only go to see movies, but you can have a beer, a coffee, an ice cream, or go lie down on the grass to read. Also, at La Chicha restaurant, on Tuesdays and Thursdays there is a 2×1 promotion on beers.
  2. Café Avellaneda: Even though I'm a tea enthusiast, I'm fascinated to go around the city looking for good cafes. In downtown Coyoacán, there is a small place where you can find delicious coffee cocktails. Although sometimes there are a lot of people and the space is not always enough to enjoy the drink, it is very worth it. 
  3. University Cultural CenterIf you like movies, theater, music or dance, this is a great place. Every week there are shows at low prices, with diverse and good content. It is also very close to the Museum of Contemporary Art, so you can plan a day of cultural events and enjoy a good dose of art. 
  4. Art GardenIn San Angel, on Sundays you can find several people selling their art pieces, a small market of handicrafts and ice cream. All around, there are several delicious restaurants that you will surely want to try. By the way, you can visit Café Borola and order their special cold brew.
  5. Hosteria Santo Domingo: My favorite Mexican dish is chiles en nogada, however, they are almost always prepared in September. The magic of Hosteria Santo Domingo is that you can always, all year long, find chiles en nogada. In addition, there is a food menu and all the options are Mexican food... What better way to get to know a place than through its food?

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