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I am Daniela, an extroverted and cheerful woman, I like to go out and see new places all over Mexico, especially visiting magical towns where I always find new things. I work at Covive in the sales area and I am a marketer. I love what I do because I am always in contact with people and I love to socialize. 


Welcome to my country, my Mexico with a beautiful and beloved sky here you will find the most vibrant and creative communities especially Condesa and Roma, which were chosen in 2018 as one of the 50 coolest neighborhoods in the world by the editors of Time Out. Here you will find everything and more: from designer stores, art galleries, cafes, museums, parks, nightlife and a variety of culinary inspiration.

We live in an extremely rich country, in culture, landscapes, beaches, gastronomy but above all its people. 

What would be the best way to get to know Mexico City?

The Roma neighborhood is a must for tourists and inhabitants of Mexico City for its streets rich in architecture. This neighborhood belongs to the Cuauhtemoc district and you will find an endless number of activities that you can do, you will surely discover a new place worth knowing. It doesn't matter if you traveled alone, I assure you will find very good company because of the warmth and partying that we Mexicans are.


1.- Museo Tamayo, here you will surely find a very good exhibition.

If you come from abroad and want to know a random bar I recommend you to visit Patrick Miller, you will discover several dance battles, a good atmosphere and lots of fun. 

If you like beer and want a variety of flavors and malts I recommend visiting Falling Piano Brewing, the food is delicious and they have board games. 

If you want to spend a pleasant evening with a good view in the center of the city, I recommend the Terraza Catedral, here you will find a good atmosphere in Dj occasions, diversity in mixology.

If you are in Casa Volcanes this is an incredible option for you, "La Mexicana" Park is considered a green lung with 28 hectares with more than two thousand trees, depending on the month you can find some events such as concerts of the philharmonic orchestra, as well as recreational spaces. 

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