Craft beer in Mexico City


It doesn't matter if it's just any day or if there's something to celebrate...a beer never goes amiss. Mexico City lives in an eternal change and has been building on the trend of craft beer for many years, so here is a list of places for you to enjoy these developments:


Falling Piano Brewing Co.


If your thing is to taste beers that evolve in aroma and flavor as much as the city itself, this place is for you. On the first floor you will find all the gadgets to make the beer that you will drink on the second floor, so do not stop for fear of entering an unknown place. Continue down the hall and up the stairs.

The food adds a lot to the place, as the seasoning is unmatched and your beer is very ad hoc.


Coahuila 99, Roma Norte.


Yeccan Brewery


If what you are looking for is a variety of beer on tap, Yeccan will be a sacred place for you with its 31 lines of beer. If it's your first time in the place, come to the bar so you can spend a few minutes analyzing the information of each beer such as its style, alcohol level and price.

If you still have any doubts, the waiters are there to answer your questions and give you recommendations according to your tastes. The food here is serious business, give yourself a treat by pairing your beer with a snack or main course, ask your waiter for suggestions.


Chiapas 208, Roma Norte.


The faucet


A very small space but completely planned by the architect Mariana Casas, who managed to combine the shelves full of mezcal and beer bottles of different styles, prices and special pairings.


The place is perfect for a quiet date or to pick up the necessary supplies for a good meeting with your friends. You'll find a good variety of mezcals and they'll recommend beer styles that go well together for a delicious experience.


Juan Escutia 24, Roma Norte.


The deposit


Undoubtedly, this is one of the most commercial options that exist in the city to acquire your craft beer, it will always be an infallible option to have a good drink. In some locations they have board games that you can use during your stay, the kitchen is very basic but compliant.


You will find more than 40 bottled and draft beers that you can try without any rush at any of their locations, the staff is trained to recommend the beer that best suits your tastes.


Beer always


Grupo Modelo has recently launched its e-commerce direct from the factory with all its products that you can purchase from its website. You will subscribe to a membership that will send the products of their brand that you like the most to your home as often as you want. The prices are lower than at the corner store, so if you are a loyal commercial beer drinker this could be a very good option for you.

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