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The last few months have taught us that everything we take for granted can change overnight. We have reflected on the consequences that the COVID-19 pandemic will bring to the workplace and how to engage with new people, no doubt massive networking events will begin to move into the background and small communities will benefit from their authenticity.

New generations will come in that acquire these forms and ways of relating naturally, but you and I who are reading this will probably have to adapt our ways and ways of generating meaningful contacts, businesses and friendships. Coliving allows us to establish friendships and professionals in a natural way by sharing spaces, resources and experiences. This can translate into the purposes you’re looking for.

How can Coliving help you in your professional development?

Learn from others

You’re about to share spaces, resources and experiences with highly skilled people in what they do. Our community has a great diversity of professions, companies and skills, we have seen inhabitants yoyo champions, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, travelers and managers of large corporations.

Everyone has their own schedules, rhythms and lifestyles, which creates a challenge to continue to know new horizons and expand our knowledge into new trends. However, at Covive you will be spending time at home with professionals from different industries and contexts, which opens up a universe of different conversations that nourishes everyone at the table.

Meet your next partners

Visualize that movie scene where two young people are exchanging ideas and talking business, are probably in some iconic café in the area or even in some bar with a quiet atmosphere. Well, both scenarios can happen without any problem in the amazing spaces of our shared houses.

Sharing spaces, resources and experiences with other inhabitants always sparks interesting conversations and for the most cunning there is always a business possibility to develop. Whether you’re with us for a month, six months or indefinitely, you’ll have plenty of options for engaging conversations with our entire community. You define your interests and your limits.

And the truth is that we can’t think of a better scenario to meet your next partners, you’re living with them and you’re getting to know them thoroughly. There are no deceptions or false masks because you are meeting a person on a personal level, where she is more frank, but especially where she is herself.

Enjoy a safe and relaxed environment

At Covive we design all our spaces so that sharing is not complicated. We seek a balance between the private and the shared so that you have the final decision every day. We have very demanding cleaning processes and protocols for new income in our shared homes. And we’re constantly looking to add valuable spaces for our network.

We look for locations in central areas so you can move quickly and don’t waste time on daily traffic, life is for you to enjoy doing what you love and not sitting in a car watching time go by. We even have suitable houses with workspaces and a coworking that you will have access to from day one.

We take care of keeping everything running and in the best condition so that you can enjoy Mexico City.

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